I am Ricky Nguyễn – a software engineer. I am looking for somebody can go with me and make your dream and mine become true. Not smart, not rich, not a good leader but I will be the missing part of you. As technical guy, I can provide the good solution for your case.

Professional experience

I am  a full-stack developer with have 5 years experience in web development with strong knowledge about Object Oriented Programming and Design Pattern. I have a good knowledge about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

From 2012 to 2014,  I was a junior developer. Most of  my projects are web applications. My responsibilities at this time is translating the business requirements into the real application and maintaining those.

From 2014 up to now, I am working on “Pegasus” project (aka Noria web solution) at NoriaAs. It is an application for insurance  and broker company.  This application provide them the SOLID business work-flow from quotation, underwriting, policy and claim for insurance and broker company. You can found more details this project here. In this project my responsibility is design and implement the core skeleton of system. We also start building business intelligent module for this system from data warehouse and ad-hoc report.

With 5 years working experiences I have a very comprehensive  view about object oriented programming, design pattern. I understand the system from server-side to client-side, from database management system to data warehouse system.

To be your friend or your colleague will be my honor.